Betty Arnold

for State Board of Education
Passion - Experience - Leadership

 Build a better system of education for a better tomorrow


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August 2020

Dr. Kevin S. Harrison Joins the Discussion


"Society is demanding of social justice reform now more than ever, and schooling is at the forefront of such discussions. Thus, it is important to identify leaders like Betty Arnold who are passionate and who have always served in the capacities of change agent, diversity champion, and servant leader. Arnold possesses a unique balance of  compassion and competency, with a leadership track-record predicated upon the success and well-being of students rather than political advancement and resume talking points."

August 2020

Representative KC Ohaebosim Puts Trust in Betty Arnold


"In a time where schools here in our region, throughout the state, and across our nation are facing uncertain times due to this pandemic, I trust Betty Arnold will help lead as a member of our State Board of Education through theses troubling times in the interest of our children."